10 Best Places to Work Overseas

 10 Best Places to Work Overseas

When you’re slaving away in a grey cubicle in the snowy Northeast, working abroad for a year might seem like a great idea. Newsflash: It is! Actually, participating in a work abroad program might be the most transformative experience of your life. Can you think of a more interesting way to inject an instant jolt of excitement while furthering your career? You’ll meet new people, learn new skills and might even pick up a new language.

No matter where you’re in your career progression, rest assured that work abroad experiences are highly diverse. If you want to casually wait tables while making your way around Australia or are dying to intern with a London financial firm, there’s a program to help you do it.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to work abroad than now. The cost of flights are decreasing, the ease of obtaining work visas is increasing, and the sheer volume of experiences to be had will keep every day feeling like an adventure.

Let’s dive into the best places to work abroad!

The best countries to work abroad

1. South Korea

As Asia’s third-largest economy, South Korea tops the list as one of the best places to work abroad. International workers seek out jobs of all types in South Korea. However due to a strong demand to learn the English language and the government benefits and funding for those working in Korea as a teacher, teaching English is a very popular choice—in fact, it is the best country to work abroad according to our meaningful travel community!

2. Spain

The competition for high-paying jobs in Spain is fierce, so you better brush up on your palabras. If you want to work in Spain, which consistently tops the lists of best places to work overseas, fluency in Spanish will go a long way when competing against many highly qualified Spanish graduates. However, for the linguistically challenged, temporary positions, such as teaching English, childcare or working in tourism won’t necessarily require strong Spanish-speaking skills. There are many work abroad programs in Spain helping foreigners obtain temporary employment which allows them to work in Spain for up to one or two years.

3. Italy

If you don’t speak fluent Italian, jobs in the tourism industry or teaching English will be your best bet. Other possibilities involve child care, such as working as an Au Pair and helping chaperone summer camps. If you do speak Italian, professional jobs in business, agricultural exports, and fashion will be amazing opportunities to set your resume apart for years to come.

4. Australia

Among gap year travelers, Australia is one of the best places to work abroad for short-term work opportunities. Most find jobs in the service or hospitality industry or seek work through agencies placing them in short-term jobs in Australia. If you have some background in the service industry, you can work as a tour guide, bartender, housekeeper, or restaurant staff. Seasonal agricultural work is also very popular among temporary job seekers. While it won’t be easy work, many agricultural job placements include room and board.

5. USA

With a country as large and diverse as the States, there are ample opportunities for part-time or seasonal jobs. More than 15 percent of the U.S. labor market is comprised of international workers. Most of those jobs fall at either end of the job spectrum—high skilled and technical, or physically demanding. The more fluent you’re in English and the higher your education level, the better your chance of working abroad in the U.S. in a higher-paying position.

6. England

England is another very popular gap year destination, and temporary and casual jobs are plentiful. Regardless of the job or sector of society, employees are expected to be punctual, proper, polite, and professional at all times, in both manner and appearance. English language skills are a basic requirement of almost any job in England. Popular fields include business, hospitality, and childcare.

7. France

The types of jobs in France available to foreign workers depend on whether you plan to live in France temporarily or want to pursue a full-time career. There are opportunities to work in France as a teacher, au pair, or on a vineyard, but these openings tend to rarely last more than a year. In major cities such as Paris, business jobs in France are great opportunities to get to experience the French culture and gain credible work experience. Of course, working in France also brings many opportunities in the fields of food and hospitality, such as restaurants and hotels.

8. Canada

There are casual and professional jobs in Canada for foreigners of all skill sets. Also, working in Canada is ideal since the standard of living is high and the cost of living is relatively affordable. If you have TEFL or TESOL certification, there are opportunities to teach English in the large metro areas of Toronto and Vancouver. Media jobs in Toronto are also easy to find, thanks to thriving telecommunications and film industries. companies. Winter resorts offer seasonal jobs in restaurants, accounting, and reception, or jobs as instructors at associated ski schools. Benefits vary, but most of these jobs in Canada include lift passes and some staff housing and meal discounts.

9. China

China has gained global recognition for its strengthening economy and political prowess over the past decade. It is an advantageous location for all aspects of business although jobs in education and performing arts are also readily available. Opportunities also exist for those interested in the fields of business and economics across the country. The need for English teachers is very high, as is the need for English-speaking au pairs and teachers of other subjects.

Don’t discount teaching English as a meaningful way to earn money while traveling.

10. New Zealand

While there are certainly permanent jobs available, these are considerably harder for a foreigner to obtain than short-term jobs in New Zealand. The best chance an expat may have for finding long-term employment in New Zealand are in the fields of finance, accounting, or medicine, as these are all areas that see a high demand and low supply among the local workforce. The easiest method of finding employment in New Zealand is to arrive as a temporary worker. Jobs in hospitality, food service, and adventure tours. are abundant and many positions are vacated with the end of each tourist season.

Participate in work abroad programs!

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or considering taking a break from the workforce, spending time working abroad might be the most transformative experience of your career, and maybe your life! Sure, you’ll be gaining professional experience. But you’ll also be deepening your cultural proficiency, practicing foreign languages, making lifelong connections, and having an epic adventure you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your awesome career!

Now that you’re an expert on the best places to work overseas, what are you waiting for? Stop daydreaming about the best country to work abroad. GO THERE!

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