11 Reasons Why You’ll Love Studying a Master’s in Mexico

 11 Reasons Why You’ll Love Studying a Master’s in Mexico

Mexico is a country that needs no introduction. As the most visited nation in Latin America, it’s a clear hit with tourists, students and locals alike. Full of hidden gems and spectacular surprises, Mexico’s vibrant and varied culture has something for everyone, and is sure to give you a study experience of a lifetime.

These are some of the reasons why Mexico should be on your study abroad list.

It’s party central in Latin America

It’s no secret that Mexico offers some of the most lively and unique party scenes in all of Latin America. Guadalajara and Cholula, especially, are both home to significant student populations meaning there’s some pretty epic nightlife action to enjoy.

¡Mi casa es tu casa!

Mexicans are renowned for their welcoming hospitality and “my house is your house” (mi casa es tu casa) mentality. They’ll make you feel right at home and will go out of their way to make guests and visitors feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible.

So much so, Mexico has even been recognized in a survey by Booking.com as the third most hospitable country in the world.

Its legendary gastronomic food scene

From huevos rancheros to kickstart your day, to mouth-watering chiles en nogada for dinner, followed by bionico for dessert (if you have room!), Mexico is a country that’s full of culinary delights beyond burritos and tacos.

With a distinctive mix of Spanish, Mayan and Aztec influences, the combination of bold flavors, spices and fresh ingredients has seen Mexico’s food scene named as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Mexico’s mesmerizing culture and fascinating history

Forget all the stereotypes you’ve heard about Mexico. Influenced by Mayan and Aztec ancient civilizations, the country’s rich cultural traditions and customs are what makes Mexico the exciting and hypnotic country that it is today.

Take Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) for example. Held across the two days that follow Halloween (October 31st), the Day of the Dead is about celebrating and remembering those who are no longer with us and helping them on their spiritual journey.

It is by no means a Mexican take on Halloween but is instead a colorful and fun-filled event, which can seem like a paradox given it deals with the upsetting and grim subject of death.

Other national holidays include Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), which shouldn’t be mistaken for Mexican Independence Day, which is celebrated on September 16th.

You can chill on miles of beaches lined with palm trees

In between lectures, studying and writing assignments, you’re going to want to take some time out and find the perfect relaxation spot.

Whether you’re studying in Guadalajara, Mexico City or Monterrey, take a worthwhile weekend trip to the crystal-clear waters and miles of golden beaches on the Pacific coast and the Gulf of Mexico and you’ll be sure to forget about studying for a minute or two.

You’ll become multilingual in no time

Although there are over 60 other indigenous languages spoken in Mexico, Spanish is spoken by the majority of Mexico’s population. Be aware, however, that Latin American Spanish is in some ways distinctively different to European Spanish.

Don’t panic though. You should be able to get by just fine with what you do know, and as time goes on, you’ll find yourself picking up the weird and wonderful local idioms in no time.

Mexico is home to 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Yes, you read that right. Mexico is home to 35 of the world’s 878 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Perhaps the most iconic of all is the Mesoamerican pyramid of El Castillo in the ancient site of Chichén Itzá, which was also named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

You’re definitely going to want to take some time away from your studies to tick off visiting every single one of these!

Mexico’s higher education system is climbing the rankings to be one of the best in the world

The Mexican higher education system is gaining serious momentum as it takes 31st place in the latest edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Coming in second for representation just behind Brazil, Mexico has over 60 universities.

One example of Mexico’s outstanding higher education system is EGADE Business School, one of the most prestigious graduate business schools in all of Latin America. Ranked first in the QS Global MBA Rankings: Latin America 2019, EGADE Business School is also the number one business school in research in Latin America according to the QS Global 250 Business Schools Ranking 2017.

You can choose between a variety of postgraduate degree programs in English

In a bid to attract more international students, an increasing number of Mexican universities and business schools are offering English-taught degree programs.

Your student bank account will also love Mexico

It’s not just you that will love Mexico, but your student bank account will too. Mexico is considered to be one of the most affordable places for students to study abroad, thanks to the lower cost for a higher standard of living.

In the QS Best Student Cities 2019, both Mexico City and Monterrey are featured in the top 100 overall as well as the top 20 for affordability.

Mexico boasts a thriving economy

After Brazil, Mexico claims to have the largest economy in all of Latin America. The likes of Mexico City and Monterrey boast a great sense of urban modernity, making them great attractions for businesses.

Source: topuniversities.com


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