• March 8, 2021

3 Key Fields to study in New Zealand

 3 Key Fields to study in New Zealand

New Zealand offers students a unique study experience at one of eight globally regarded universities New Zealand’s higher education model is flexible and broad reaching, there are a few standout study fields in which the nation particularly shines. Considering studying abroad in New Zealand below are three key fields you should know:

1. Geography and Environmental Studies

New Zealanders are hugely conscientious towards the environment and enjoy a strong outdoor culture. Hiking, mountaineering and kayaking are all popular ways to pass time, with the nation ranking first globally in fields of environmental progress. Agriculture is a key national industry and of fundamental importance to the economy. Agriculture, food and forestry sectors generate a whopping 70% of New Zealand’s exports, and are currently set to grow at a rate of 3.3% per year.  Demand for skills and knowledge in these fields is likewise set to increase over the next 20 years.  Students will gain practical, on the ground experience they will use to create strategy and plans for sustainable development, as well as have ample opportunity to experience the nations’ strong environmental management structures and conservation strategies.

2. Law

New Zealand ranked highly in access to basic knowledge tolerance and personal freedom Students are taught to be open minded, tolerant, level headed and mature in their approach Law programmes in New Zealand are also quite flexible. In most cases, admission into undergraduate studies does not require an LSAT score or recommendation letters, but rather is based on your grade on an assignment done in your introductory year. Students then have to try their hand at Law and decide if it is the right field for them before committing to an entire programme having the chance to complete electives in different fields of study. You will also have the chance to complete a number of work experience placements and internships to gain as much insight into the world of law as possible before officially embarking upon your career.

3. Psychology

New Zealand’s forward thinking and broad reaching social attitudes make Psychology a key field of interest for students. As well as carry out a number of research projects, students are taught to approach psychology from a wide reaching perspective that draws on lateral thought and welcomes a broad range of attitudes. With a key teaching focus on inventiveness, students are constantly pushed to critique their own work as well as the work of their peers. New Zealand institutions rate highly in Psychology, with the University of Otago’s psychology department named the best in the country. The university also ranked 19th globally in the field, with the University of Auckland (34th) not far behind. Five out of eight New Zealand institutions are within the world’s top 150 for Psychology.


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