4 Immigration Stream That Leads to Permanent Residence in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

 4 Immigration Stream That Leads to Permanent Residence in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

The Northwest Territories is a territory, much like any province of Canada. Situated in northern Canada lying to the east of the Yukon, southwest of Nunavut (Canada’s two other territories) and north of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Its capital has been the intriguing city of Yellowknife since 1967.

There are many reasons to consider immigrating to this territory. To begin with, there are excellent employment prospects. The Northwest Territories boasts the highest median household income in Canada and its capital, Yellowknife, has the highest rate of employment in the country. The Northwest Territories welcomed 227 permanent new residents in 2019. It is a place where newcomers can expect to receive a friendly welcome while continuing to practice their own traditions and practices. As a result, there are many thriving cultural communities here.  

The vast natural resources and relatively low population give the Northwest Territories the highest per capita GDP of all provinces or territories in Canada. The territory enjoys vast geological resources including diamonds, gold, and natural gas, for this reason, it is particularly attractive for Canadian Immigration.

Make sure you choose the right immigration stream to enjoy becoming a permanent resident in the vast and majestic Northwest Territories.  

1. NWT Express Entry

The Northwest Territories’ Express Entry stream is for foreign nationals who have been accepted into Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Express Entry Pool. Only candidates who have been accepted into the Express Entry Pool and have been issued an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code are eligible for this stream.    

2. Skilled Workers Program

The Skilled Workers category was created to help employers fill positions that require a formalized education, specialized training, or both. To qualify under this program, the following criteria must be met:  The Job Must:

  • Be for a permanent full-time position (minimum 30 hours per week)
  • Be in an occupation that falls into a high skill level category
  • Not be in conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements
  • Comply with the NWT Employment Standards Act
  • Provide a comparable industry rate of pay

The Employee Must:

  • Have the required certification or accreditation for the specific trade or occupation
  • If applicable, meet the territorial certification, licensing, or registration requirements of the job
  • Have the required work experience for the specific occupation
  • Provide proof of sufficient financial or settlement support for living in the NWT
  • Be able to communicate in either English or French
  • Not be a refugee claimant

3. Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Occupations

When an employer in the NWT cannot fill an entry-level or semi-skilled position with a Canadian, they may hire a foreign national, who will be eligible for permanent residency after they have accumulated six months of experience in the position.

4. Business Sream

The Business Stream targets individuals who would like to start their own business or operate and invest in an already established business in the Northwest Territories. The program is specifically designed in order to improve the territory’s economy by attracting and retaining international business experts. If that describes you, then you can apply to this program for immigration.


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