4 Tips on how to Boost Your Chances for Getting a Job After Graduation

 4 Tips on how to Boost Your Chances for Getting a Job After Graduation

For many people these days, looking for a graduate job fresh out of uni can feel like a bit of a nightmare. To give you the very best advice on how to overcome these challenges and secure that dream graduate job, below are our top tips on how to boost your chances of getting a job soon after graduation.

1. Apply to the right jobs

While there are no quick fixes, students who know exactly what types of jobs they’d excel in tend to save a lot of time because recruiters are trained to identify who is a good fit for a specific role. Applying to the wrong jobs are a waste of your time and will set you back, so make sure you know yourself.

2. Know enough about the industry

How familiar are you with the labor market?   Another factor slowing you down might be that you don’t know enough about the industry and how to access the jobs there. A good way of finding out more about your field is to talk to those people who are doing the jobs you would be interested in doing. Ask how they got into this line of work, what tasks do they have, what skills are required? A deeper knowledge about your field will help in figuring out how you can profile yourself and how to apply for similar positions.

3. Your job search merely consists of blasting out resumes 

While job hunting might be a game of numbers, blasting out the same generic cover letters to  several employers at a time will slow you down, so make sure you put in the effort. If you’re sending the same application to 10 places, that’s definitely going to slow things down because you need to tailor each application. You need to spend a lot of time on each one, so perhaps one day researching, and another writing up your cover letter and CV.

4. You’re not sending open applications

Not being active enough during your studies and job search can definitely hinder you. You need to be reaching out to businesses and contacts and sending out open applications to organizations you’re interested in working for. Open applications are a great way to find what we call hidden jobs, jobs that are not advertised but that you can find by approaching the employer, naming your strengths and aspirations.


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