5 Employee Advantages That Makes People Flock to Canada to Work

 5 Employee Advantages That Makes People Flock to Canada to Work

In Canada, the salary isn’t all for job seekers. Compensation is already market related and the high demand for competent workers in most occupations takes care of that. So for companies to attract the best and the brightest talent, they need to differentiate themselves from their competition.

The advantages of working in Canada is most employers offer packages that employees can tweak to suit their lifestyles. Packages like Parental leave, additional training and development, etc. Here are some of the advantages that makes people flock to Canada to work:

1. Maternity and Paternity Leave

While Canadian law only requires 5 weeks of paternal leave for new fathers, and 40 weeks for new mothers, many companies like to go above and beyond this in the age of gender equality. It is not uncommon for companies in Canada to be very gratuitous with the amount of paid leave new parents are allowed. Canadians, employers and employees alike, have a very family centric culture, which allows them to balance the needs of their growing families without having to worry about finances or job security.

2. Flexible Working Hours

One of the most important aspects of what people are looking for in jobs today, is the ability to have a flexible schedule. Employers are valuing productivity over enforcing the regular nine to five day. By allowing workers the freedom of flexi-time around a set of core hours or work from home days has seen a significant uptake in not only productivity, but employee wellness and satisfaction too. Employers love this benefit too because it costs them nothing, and gets the best out of their employees.

3. Training and Development

Key to retaining employees is offering opportunity for growth and professional development. Companies in Canada are incentivized by the government to offer opportunities to employees to increase their skills. Offering learning opportunities also shows employees that the company is invested in their future, and that there is room for them to grow and rise up in the organization.

4. Extended Vacation Days

Any increase above the basic vacation days is a sure fire way to attract potential employees and incentivize current employees. By allowing employees to “win” additional vacation days based on performance or achievements, you will ultimately get the best out of everyone. It should come as no surprise that many companies across Canada employ the progressive tactic.

5. Gym Memberships

Promoting a healthy work environment extends beyond the office. The benefits of exercise are endless, and when employees are motivated to engage in physical activity outside of work, the benefits will shine through in the workplace. Canadian companies that offer this incentive have found that employees are more invigorated, engaged and most importantly, productive.

Working in the Canada is a different experience to anywhere else in the world. Employers treat their employees with respect and afford them various privileges. While there are a number of employee benefits that will make you quit your job and move to Canada, we think the quality of life you will enjoy here outside of your job may be the best aspect of your decision.


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