5 Reasons Expats Are Relocating To Romania

 5 Reasons Expats Are Relocating To Romania

Romania, the largest southeastern country in Europe; home to enchanting forests, breathtaking mountains, peaceful rivers and streams. In previous years, it seems that Romania was a top destination for only some selected few travellers and ex-pats, but lots of ex-pats have moved across Europe to settle in this beautiful Eastern European country. Thanks to the significant pace in which the country is developing, the reasons to relocate here just keep on growing.

Below are the reasons expats are relocating to this destination:

1. A growing job market

Thanks to the growing presence of innovative and multinational firms, the opportunities for ex-pats in a variety of sectors and languages continue to increase. With such a stable job market, you can relocate to Romania with extreme ease, knowing that you are moving to a country with an expanding job market and economy.

2. Low cost of living

One thing is for sure, Romania has a considerably low cost of living, amongst the lowest in the EU. It’s safe to say that any expat who chooses to relocate to Romania can live a happy, comfortable life with access to low-cost goods, affordable accommodation and transport.

3. It’s an up and coming international hub

It seems that Bucharest, Brasov, Lași and Timișoara have become popular destinations for some of the worlds most successful multinational firms. So if you are looking to work abroad, relocate to Romania for clear progression and career opportunities.

4. Good & healthy quality of life

With such a low cost of living and good access to all the amenities you could need, the quality of life throughout Romania is of a considerably good and healthy standard. In Romania, you will feel as though you have access to a healthier, better quality of life with the ideal combination of low living costs and beautiful surroundings.

5. Growing music & art culture

Romania has recently become one of the top destinations for music and art festivals in Europe. There’s a wide selection of music festivals to choose from in almost every genre of music from jazz, electronic, indie, rock and pop, not to mention the stunning surroundings to go with them. Whether its charming castle grounds, a fairytale forest, beautiful sandy beaches or beautiful landscapes and lakes, the choice is yours.

As you can see there are lots of reasons why you should relocate to Romania and believe it or not, this is just a small selection of the many reasons why. As the ex-pat community continues to grow, the volume of work opportunities does too. So it’s time to get ahead of the jobseeker competition and discover the exciting opportunities waiting for you in Romania.


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