5 Ways to Kick Start Your Career in Fashion

 5 Ways to Kick Start Your Career in Fashion

Graduate fashion jobs are notoriously few and far between, but you shouldn’t let this discourage you. Make sure you understand some of the key differentiators for recruiters and employers today, and slowly build your way up. Below are 5 traits you need to start your dream career in fashion:

1. Heaps of experience before you graduate

Your faculty, alumni network and careers team are there to help you forge links with brands, agencies and industry leaders. It’s become a basic requirement for graduates to have varied work experience under their belt, either through internships, freelance work or student projects.

2. A portfolio of your best work

Putting together a faultless portfolio showcasing all of your best work in a smooth, consistent and logical format might sound a little intimidating, but there are plenty of resources online and within your university to help you. Work on this throughout your studies, and include examples from live projects if you can.

3.Specialized knowledge and skills

Your fashion degree should teach you relevant creative skills and techniques through a combination of work­-based learning and lectures or seminars, to help prepare you for your target career in fashion. Specialized knowledge of certain areas of the fashion industry might get you the role over someone else, so it’s crucial you do everything in your power to both expand and deepen your skill set.

4. An impressive online presence

Having a digital edge is no longer an advantage: it’s a basic requirement in today’s creative industries – essential both to find and to land graduate fashion jobs. There are plenty of networking websites designed to help you connect with other fashion graduates and creatives to find freelance work and exciting projects to get involved in. Having online visibility, a personal website and a social media presence are relatively achievable goals that will do wonders for your prospects.  

5. Additional credentials and awards

A bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate qualification in your chosen field of fashion are basic requirements for many fashion jobs. Prizes awarded either by your university or an independent body, will also help you stand out from the hordes of other graduates when competing for jobs.


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