5 Ways To Move Up in Your Career and Increase Your Earning

 5 Ways To Move Up in Your Career and Increase Your Earning

No matter where you are professionally, with the right training and strategy, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t move up the corporate ladder. So, start making great connections. Here’s how you can move up in your career and increase your earning:

1. Change careers.

Identify fast-growing industries, desirable skills and in-demand professions. Which sectors are growing fastest, and have strongest long-term prospects? If your role is a dead-end and your industry on the way out, then perhaps consider changing career. Aside from the potential salary boost and greater security in future, this is also an opportunity to develop previously untapped abilities and talents.

2. Take on extra projects.

There’s no shortcut to success! If you want to move up, you need to put in the extra work. Take the initiative in your current role: ask for additional projects and responsibilities. Show how much you’re capable of. Build your expertise by reading specialized publications, and keep up with the trends shaping your sector.

Can you think of any processes in your company that could be streamlined for greater efficiency? Got an intelligent and creative suggestion to improve workplace productivity and revenue? Share your ideas, and demonstrate that you are a hardworking and motivated team player.

3. Network.

Building a network of professionals, both within and outside of your company, will come in useful throughout your career. Personal connections are one of the best ways to get insider knowledge about job opportunities, as well as helping you stay up to date with the latest developments in your sector.

4. Relocate.

Geographical location is a huge factor when it comes to income. If you are living in a city with low growth and a lagging economy, then consider relocating to a city where your earning prospects are higher and career development prospects look strong.

5. Negotiate your salary.

When you are offered a job, or when your contract comes up for renewal, don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary. Don’t hesitate to ask the HR manager whether there will be any salary reviews or flexibility in the terms of your offer. If the benefit and salary package fails to meet your expectations, say so and explain how your experience, qualifications and skillset deserve a better deal.


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