• March 8, 2021

6 Reasons Why You Should Move to New-Zealand

 6 Reasons Why You Should Move to New-Zealand

New Zealand has always been a popular destinations especially amongst more discerning migrants. There are many hundreds of reasons people choose to live in New Zealand. Below are the 6 top reasons why people move to New Zealand

1. Beautiful Landscape

New Zealand is a breathtaking country which needs to be explored thoroughly from North Island to South Island in order to fully appreciate the diverse nature. From mountains, to lakes and even glaciers, New Zealand has it all for anyone considering migrating to New Zealand.

2. Friendly and Genuine Warmth

Because it’s a relatively small place, people here have a very special quality about them. Genuine warmth, which seems to be part and parcel of life there, radiates from most of the people you meet. There’s a real love of being neighbourly in New Zealand. Getting on with people is one of the most important parts of life in New Zealand.

3. Culture and Language

One of the main reasons people find so many good reasons to move to New Zealand is that the culture and language are very similar to that which British already know. The language is familiar and people are on the same wavelength in terms of humour and socialising. It makes emigrating to New Zealand from the UK that much easier when the people aren’t much different.

4. Job Opportunities

One of the advantages of living in New Zealand is that your qualifications and skills are likely to be in high demand. There is a current high demand for people with skills in engineering, trades, finance and of course health and education.

 5. Multicultural

The growing population of New Zealand has ensured that it’s a hugely multicultural place with people from all over the world beginning to settle there. You will find Canadians, French, Chinese and Indians have settled in New Zealand in recent years in an effort to improve their lives and future prospects. New Zealand does a very good job of welcoming and integrating people into the community, so does not suffer the same tensions as experienced in other countries.

6. Great health Care System

The level of health care on offer in NZ is very, very high quality indeed. The public healthcare system in New Zealand ensures that all residents have access to free or heavily subsidised hospital care, in addition to emergency treatment. In order to access public healthcare, expats need to have New Zealand residency status.


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