8 Great Jobs That Recent Grad Can Work in Abroad

 8 Great Jobs That Recent Grad Can Work in Abroad

Graduating from college is a scary time. Up until now, it’s been clear what you have to do: go to class, write your essays, spend long nights in the library, all for the sake of receiving that diploma. But now what? Your friends are applying to jobs and internships and starting life in the real world, but you’ve got the adventure itch and you’ve always wanted to travel. So why not do both?

By working abroad, you can gain valuable work experience whole also living in a foreign country. No matter what your career interests may be there is surely a job abroad that will work for you and your skills. So what jobs can you do? Here are a few of the top choices for recent grads to work abroad.

1. Teaching

Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular methods of finding work abroad, for good reason You don’t need teaching experience or a degree in education to find a job teaching English. Not only do these positions accept people with various backgrounds, but you’ll also have the widest range of countries to choose from, from Spain to Vietnam to Brazil. You don’t typically need any specific degree to teach abroad (though a degree in teaching or education won’t hurt), but you do need a degree almost everywhere to apply for teaching jobs. A bachelor’s degree is normally all that required to teach English abroad, but you’ll open the door to more opportunities with a TEFL certificate too.

2. Medical Work

Health professionals are in high demand around the world, there are amazing opportunities out there for you to help save lives and promote health education, all while gaining experience for your future career in medicine.

Working abroad in the medical field might involve learning about traditional medicine or volunteering as a nurse, but you’ll make a clear difference in somebody’s life either way.

3. Tech

Tech is a hot industry, both at home and abroad. Luckily for you, you’ll have no trouble gaining work experience in the tech field while living abroad. This is a great option for computer science majors!

Your working experience abroad will help set you apart from other tech applicants in this increasingly competitive field. While Berlin, Singapore, and Amsterdam are popular tech destinations, don’t be afraid to set your sights on other tech cities on the rise, such as Dublin, Tel Aviv, and Cape Town.

4. Hospitality

Working in hospitality is a common post-graduation job at home, so you might as well do it in another country! If you don’t have any work experience at all or if you feel like your current experience is not enough, working an entry-level job in another country is like hitting two birds in one stone — you’ll get to gain work experience while also getting the chance to live abroad.

Whether it’s your true calling or just to pay the bills while you figure things out, working in hospitality teaches valuable life lessons such as patience and customer service.

5. Agriculture

If spending more time outdoors sounds better to you than fetching coffee from an office, then working in agriculture might be for you. If there’s one thing all humans need, it’s food and water what better way to learn about the customs surrounding these two essential life ingredients than working at the source?

6. Childcare

One of the best ways to learn about a culture is to live with a host family. Working as an au pair or nanny is a fantastic opportunity to learn the local language while also gaining experience in childcare, education, and, well, life! English speakers are in particularly high demand from families hoping that their children will learn English at a young age.

7. Communications

With social media all around us, jobs in communications, digital media, and copywriting are growing in popularity. Businesses all over the world are looking for digital content creators in order to become competitive in the global market, and working abroad can give your resume a special edge over other applicants.

Though you might think that this option is only open for communications, marketing, and graphic design majors, communications is a broad field that can use people from any given background.

8. Business Administration

Business is one of the most popular degrees, and for good reason. Graduating with a business degree can become lucrative over the long-term, and also allows you to work in a variety of niche fields, from entertainment to tech to publishing.

Finding an entry-level job in finance, human resources, or marketing in cosmopolitan cities such as London, Shanghai, or Singapore would be a great way to get your foot in the door in this intensively competitive field.

In Conclusion,

Your education isn’t finished just because you graduated college — life is all about learning new things, finding new adventures and taking risks! Why not start now? Whatever your goals may be for the future, working abroad will help you open your mind to new friendships, cultures, and opportunities.


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