9 Things to Know About TEFL Certification in Vietnam

 9 Things to Know About TEFL Certification in Vietnam

Vietnam TEFL programs are a VERY smart investment. Here’s what you should know before you dive in! ☆ Acquiring a TEFL certificate is an exceptional way to get yourself in the classroom and further your cultural experiences. To get your certification though, it requires on-site training for a certain number of hours. Some opt to obtain their street cred online, at home. But why do such a thing in your home country? If the end goal is to teach abroad, well, go abroad! And where better to do so than a location that is already overflowing with post-certification job opportunities?

Obtaining your TEFL certification in Vietnam will not only get you the credentials you need, it will also help you rub elbows with the network of schools and other job opportunities which will make finding work a cinch upon completing your TEFL in Vietnam. That’s right—Vietnam is THE place in Asia to get your TEFL at the moment. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The price is right in terms of the cost of living and there certainly isn’t a shortage of TEFL programs in Vietnam; it’s a buyer’s market. Oh, and if you haven’t been to this gem of a country yet, odds are you’ll be infatuated with the impeccable, natural beauty too. Whether you want to experience the bustling, historical metropole of Ho Chi Minh City, or quieter locales further afield from the well-worn path, there are certainly options to suit your fancy.

What to know about Vietnam TEFL programs

1. English demand is on the rise

As our global climate is a-changing, so too is the linguistic climate of Vietnam. To keep stride with the global market, the Vietnamese government has placed an emphasis on developing English as the country’s second language. So what! You just want to get your TEFL. Well, what this means for you is that the competition for Vietnam TEFL program acceptance is much weaker than in, say, Thailand or Korea. It also translates into more opportunities and an all-around motivated group of citizens. Who wouldn’t want to teach eager-to-learn students? So, get ahead of the game while the window of opportunity is open.

2. There are many cities to choose from

With TEFL programs being offered in over 22 cities across the country, you’re going to be able to find the perfect setting for your TEFL certification in Vietnam. Rural? Urban? Rural seaside? Urban seaside? Rural mountainesque? One of the five Hs (Hanoi, Ha Long, Hue, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City)? While Vietnam TEFL programs are most often offered in urban environments, Vietnam has a handsome variety of rural ones, too.

Looking to obtain your TEFL in rural Vietnam? Take a gander at some of these nifty rural programs. Another perk to rural programs? The cost of living is even more affordable and you’ll have the opportunity to be up-close and personal with the local way of life. There’s so much more to discover during your stay in Vietnam beyond the cities and beaches. Where do you want to go?

3. Chances are, you’ll find work upon successful certification

Remember reading about how and why English is on the rise in Vietnam? Yes you do! Well, you’re in luck. Because of these reasons, individuals who get their TEFL in Vietnam often don’t have a problem finding work. Imagine having your choice of positions waiting for you upon successful completion of your TEFL course. Perhaps beggars can be choosers in this instance. In addition, teaching positions are open on a year-round basis in this amazing destination, so no matter when you obtain your TEFL certification in Vietnam, there will be job opportunities waiting for you! At competitive rates, too. Cha-ching!

4. TEFL courses are offered by private or independent organizations

Most TEFL programs in Vietnam are provided by private or independent organizations. Contrary to many programs that are offered by colleges and universities, this fun fact translates into more personalization and support. This can be a rarity in the international TEFL training industry. They (meaning these private and independent organizations) rely on your success for their own.

Let’s all improve together; it’s a “You do well, so will they” sort of logic. Private or independent organizations usually have the ins with local teaching positions too, and can give you a hand with any administration support that you might need. The more the merrier when we’re speaking of support, right?

5. It’s gonna cost ya (duh)

Because, yes, unfortunately nothing good in life is free. But turn that frown upside down! Putting a bit in is going to help you get much more out. Course fees for TEFL programs in Vietnam range between $1,500 to $1,800. That’s not too bad when you consider most teaching salaries! Plus, these fees typically include your tuition, books, an arrival orientation, and ongoing in-country support…now we’re talking value! These program fees might sound all-inclusive, and many of them even include excursions and housing, but always check the fine details with your program advisor. And be sure to shop around to get the best bang for your buck! Remember: Education is always an investment in your future.

6. It’s a time commitment

The majority of Vietnam TEFL programs last four weeks. Yep, after just one month you’ll be TEFL certified and ready to rock and roll. That’s pretty quick considering an undergrad degree is typically four years! During this month-long period, you will learn what’s necessary to prepare for teaching and how to develop the proper curriculum—something that might not be so evident if you’re new to the teaching stage. However, it’s incredibly useful and crucial to your success and ease at being in front of a crowd. Typically, instruction is roughly six hours a day, five days a week, leaving you plenty of time to do what you please…like hitting the beach, studying the language, or going for a hike in the mountains.

7. There is a wide variety of programs

There are so many programs to choose from. As the market demand increases, so too has the number of options to choose from. Some of the younger ones are quite competitive, too. It’s a buyer’s market if you’re shopping around for programs.

8. The cost of living is affordable

Because you most likely won’t be earning an income from the get-go, it’s helpful to understand what you can expect to pay once you’re on the ground. Local markets have competitive prices if you’re interested in staying in and cooking at home. These are also excellent locations to try your bartering skills! The rule of thumb is to start off with half the price they ask. If the vendor asks for 10 dong (aka VND), you say five and see what happens. If you’re going out, consider the authentic eateries where a meal will cost you less than $5 USD. Generally speaking, plan on $600-$800 USD per month to live comfortably.

9. The job market keeps growing

As already said, the job market currently favors the teachers. Wooho! With the demand on the rise, most freshly graduated TEFL teachers don’t have a problem finding a job. Whether you’re looking to score a one-year contract with a local school, or developing a network of private tutoring, the odds are in your favor. Many Vietnemese want to learn English. This is good news for you. But the money, honey!

Most teachers make anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000 a month, allowing you a nice cushion for weekend excursions and plenty for the piggy bank. But maybe you’re teaching career is beyond Vietnam, or Asia for that matter. The good news is that competitive English teaching positions can be found all over the world. And no one said you must stay in Vietnam! If you would like that, chances are you’ll find a job. Otherwise, the world is your oyster.

Ready for TEFL in Vietnam?

Teaching is always a good idea. Getting your TEFL in Vietnam is an even better idea. Whether the plan is to stay in Vietnam or to wander yonder, having a TEFL certificate in your back pocket will give you a competitive advantage and qualify yourself for teaching opportunities around the world. In a matter of a month, you can start a new career or enhance your current one. Do it for yourself and your future students—you won’t be disappointed! Time spent “Beyond the South” is full of some unique and incredible surprises. Consider this often overlooked southeast Asian delight for your TEFL certification…and beyond!

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