• November 29, 2020

Applying for Visas to the UAE: How to go About it

 Applying for Visas to the UAE: How to go About it

Those planning to travel abroad now need to follow some new guidelines while applying for visas to travel abroad. As the global travel industry has cautiously come back to life after months of inactivity, many countries are now welcoming visitors with caution as flights have resumed from UAE as well. However, travelling in the post-coronavirus world will bring its share of challenges as travel policies undergo necessary alterations. You as a traveller, must understand the changing world and take adequate measures to make your trip as smooth as possible. The key to doing so is to ensure that you understand the new normal for the very first step of your trip applying for a visa.

1. Medical Certificate

Medical certificates may be required for visa applications for some countries as per the official checklist. It offers appointment booking service for pre-departure COVID-19 Diagnostic test in the UAE. Test samples may be submitted either at the partnered certified laboratory in Ajman, Dubai, or Sharjah, or at a location of choice using the ‘At Your Doorstep’ service. Customer can Schedule an online appointment or call the Call Centre at +971 42055906 for more information.

2. Closed visa (Expired)

If your visa has expired for any country, or is due to expire soon, you may need to reapply for a new visa for that particular country. If you are already in a foreign country and your visa is due to expire, do reach out to the relevant visa or immigration authorities of that country for assistance.

3. Health, Safety and Physical distancing 

For your safety and that of our employees, it is important to adhere to the health and safety guidelines issued by local health authorities such as temperature checks, physical distancing and other safety norms.


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