• March 8, 2021


Canadian Open Work Permit Requirements

DO YOU KNOW THAT, As an international student bringing your spouse or partner with you to Canada, may make them eligible for an open work permit that will allow them to work on or off campus full-time while you study. An open work permit is a work permit that is not job-specific. It allows your spouse or common-law […]Read More

4 Immigration Stream That Leads to Permanent Residence in the

The Northwest Territories is a territory, much like any province of Canada. Situated in northern Canada lying to the east of the Yukon, southwest of Nunavut (Canada’s two other territories) and north of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Its capital has been the intriguing city of Yellowknife since 1967. There are many reasons to consider […]Read More

5 Employee Advantages That Makes People Flock to Canada to

In Canada, the salary isn’t all for job seekers. Compensation is already market related and the high demand for competent workers in most occupations takes care of that. So for companies to attract the best and the brightest talent, they need to differentiate themselves from their competition. The advantages of working in Canada is most […]Read More

Recent Canadian Immigration Policy for International Students

Canada values international students very much. Aside from contributing over $21 billion to the economy every year, international students brings youth, diversity and vitality to the communities across the country in which they live and study. Then they graduate, and some, if not most, find lucrative employment and want to continue living in Canada.  This has […]Read More

The 3 Most Popular Canadian Immigration Programmes to Take Advantage

With the highest immigration targets set over the next three years, people are wondering: what it takes to become a permanent resident in Canada… To answer that, you first need to find an immigration program that is right for you. And with over 100 to choose from, it can get tricky to navigate through the different eligibility […]Read More

3 Provinces in Canada Where You Can Find the Best

One of Canada’s largest industries is and will always be agriculture. While a number of processes are becoming mechanized, there will always be work that requires the labour of farmhands. So, where will you find the best agricultural jobs in Canada? The answer may surprise you. While there is a lot of grain and legume farmland […]Read More

6 Important Documents Needed to Apply to Universities Abroad

Admission requirements for a Master’s degree abroad can vary from programme to programme, but luckily there are also many similarities, whether you want to study in the USA, China, Germany or anywhere around the globe. The purpose of an application fee receipt, of photos, and ID copies is pretty obvious. The university needs to be able to […]Read More

3 Provinces in Canada That is Very Easy to Immigrate

There are over 70 different ways to secure your visa application if you want to work and live in Canada depending on your qualifications. Each of the 13 provinces and territories provides something different for newcomers, some of these regions in Canada have more visa options for immigrants than others and the intake of these […]Read More

Best Jobs in Canada and the Highest Paying Graduate Degrees

Canada attracts thousands of international students every year thanks to the large number of English-taught degrees, its well-developed economy, high living standards, and numerous employment opportunities. Below are some of the best jobs in Canada and the degrees that offers you the best job opportunities. Subjects with the highest graduate salaries in Canada We’ve listed […]Read More

The Overall Cost of Studying in Italy as an International

If you’re looking for affordable degrees in Europe, you should consider studying in Italy. It is home to some of the oldest universities in the world, which offer high quality education and low tuition fees. You will also enjoy travelling and exploring the rich culture and history of Italian cities. Although tuition fees are affordable, there […]Read More