• November 24, 2020

Best Places to Study Abroad In Summer

 Best Places to Study Abroad In Summer

Wondering where to study abroad for a summer or if studying abroad in the summer is worth it? Transferable course credits, foreign language experience, an evolved self, an international network and Spending three weeks splashing around in the Mediterranean suddenly sounds very responsible when you attach a report card to the passport on the way back.

How To choose a summer destination

Picking a place in which to study abroad for the summer might just be the most difficult part of the whole experience; after all, there are so many countries and so little time! If you are undecided, here are a few practical things to keep in mind:

  1. Program length: Shorter programs are usually more intense
  2. Weather: Summer is actually winter in the southern hemisphere
  3. Language: Take advantage of language immersion!
  4. Cost: Research the cost of living. Sometimes, you actually save money by paying more for a program in a cheaper country than vice versa!
  5. Extracurricular: If there is a hobby you are passionate about (flamenco, rugby, opera), where can you expand this activity?
  6. Course credits: Which schools are affiliated with yours so credits transfer easily?
  7. Culture: If you can’t imagine dressing conservatively in 40° (that’s about 100° for Americans), don’t go to the Middle East.
  8. Visa requirements: Short student visas are usually easy to apply for, but check all current entry requirements.
  9. Vacation: What about extending that study abroad to vacation abroad? Southeast Asia and Europe are easy to travel within a time frame; South America might be more difficult

Where to study abroad for a summer

1. Multi-country

In love with the entire planet and can’t choose just one country in which to study abroad for the summer? Then experience the best of several lands Providers like AIFS offer multi-country programs, so your experience will be ever changing.

Whether you want to focus on fashion marketing, criminal justice, LGBTQ history, art, Southeast Asia history, architecture, viking studies, Western European cinema, or genocide history, you’ll find a program that highlights the most important places and aspects as you are toured through geographic gems and cultural kaleidoscopes. 

2. Albania

If a crystal-clear coastline, majestic mountain hikes, organic food, sandy beaches, over 3000 types of flora (accounting for 30% of all flora for Europe), and bunker attraction parks don’t pop into your head when thinking about Albania, you haven’t done your research.

Shqipëri is a country of endless discoveries, incredibly welcoming people, Mother Teresa’s birthplace, and four UNESCO heritage sites that keep all history and culture geeks happy for many more months than a short summer program.

Moreover, Albania’s unique language is an adventure for any linguistic enthusiast (after all, it does have its own reggaeton sub-genre).

3. South Africa

For those wanting to fill their summer abroad with winter boots, penguins, and lion safaris, hop on down to South Africa. With no shortage of both marine and land animals to gawk at, South Africa is full of wonder and diversity.

Not only are there three capitals, over 11 official languages, ten UNESCO sites, and infinite adventure opportunities, but the population that forms the cultural fabric of South Africa is rich in flavour and colors.

4. Brazil

A loose Portuguese translation of going to Brazil to study abroad for the summer is diversão. The home country of Carnival has all the tropical frills to ensure a constant supply of energy to take notes: both in class and on the Brazilian lifestyle.

From the bustling metropolis of Rio de Janeiro to the (at least) 70 remote tribes in the Amazon, there is a niche for every type of student. Plenty of coffee break opportunities as well!

Latin American studies forms a large part of education here, so for those who want to study the history of conflict, diversity, and ethical relations while chowing on some feijoada, Brazil’s the place.

5. Vietnam

Ancient local folklore says that Vietnamese people are descendants of dragons. While studying among pagodas, áo dài, and the Binh Chau hot springs, this folktale might seem pretty possible.

Alongside impressive technology and engineering classes, you have the chance to learn about the food philosophy of elements, how to eat traditional pho, and about the four values of life.

6. Egypt

Studying a semester abroad in Egypt is always a hot choice. Egypt is home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world; that means a looooooot of hieroglyphics to depict and stories to learn.

Other than the pyramids, there’s an invention for every day of the study abroad program (including the world’s oldest dress and the 365-day calendar) and lots of local tips to stay cool (like drinking hot tea!).

7. Scotland

When considering where to study abroad for a summer, Scotland is the sexy choice, with its rough accent, warm woollen socks, and quaint haggis dinners. There’s also no shortage of haunted castles, bloody tales, and men who wear kilts. Plus, the national animal is the unicorn.

If you’re not convinced yet to pack your jumper and stuff your knapsack with leather-bound books, let us remind you that Scotland is also the birthplace of golf, has the highest percentage of red-haired people, records more than 300 annual UFO sightings, and is home to some of the most spectacular scenery of the world. Best enjoyed in summer!

8. Colombia

If waking up to hot chocolate with cheese and milk soup sounds like the perfect breakfast before a day of classes, Colombia will not disappoint when you consider where to study abroad over the summer.

The love of life is infectious, the dance rhythms never stop (ahem, Shakira), the biodiversity encompasses tropical beaches and snow-covered volcanoes, and you can practice your Spanish along to the national anthem that is broadcasted on public radio/television twice a day by law (6 a.m. and 6 p.m.).

9. Argentina

This is another country that will turn your head upside down: summer is winter, the tango music stops at dawn, and the population worships the Pope and Maradona to the same extent.

Producer of the first animated feature film, Argentina is a fantastic summer study abroad choice for anyone in the movie industry, the tech field, or in the arts. Furthermore, the love for wine and relation to the land creates many opportunities to learn about latino hospitality and the culinary field.


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