Don’t Hide!

 Don’t Hide!

…Because if you do, you will receive a rejection letter. You know what?; Many student want to sound very professional and intelligent as possible when writing application essay for their study abroad. And that’s a mistake.

Because no matter what your pen says you are, your shadow will expose you. You shouldn’t be afraid to let your personality be seen. It’s gives the admission officials a better idea of who you are and helps set you apart from the other applicants. Chances are, other applicants are also trying to be who you’re pretending to be. So, it’s going to be a hard choice for the officials.

Hiding with many other mistakes, are what makes colleges abroad reject applicants. Ensure you get your application reviewed by an expert admission consultant.

You can help yourself by reaching out to Dare Peters a lead consultant at Jakes Embassy Limited. An agency that has lisence to different colleges abroad.

You can reach him personally on +2348083239204

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