• March 6, 2021

Four New Year’s Resolutions in London That You Can Keep

 Four New Year’s Resolutions in London That You Can Keep

If you can already feel your motivation slipping, fear not; here are four common resolutions it will be easy to keep in London.

Get fit and healthy

There are tons of fun ways to get fit in London. You could join a running club like London City Runners, which is free to join and even has their own clubhouse in one of the Bermondsey Beer arches, or GoodGym, who organize feel-good fitness sessions combining jogging with good deeds and community projects. If running isn’t your thing, try disco or dog yoga, cycling, rock climbing or Jane Fonda-themed workout classes. With Google at your fingertips and London on your doorstep, the fitness world really is your oyster (card).

Learn something new

Again, you’ll be spoilt for choice in London. You could bring out your artistic side with a class such as Brushes and Bubbles (prosecco and paint? Yes please) or go to a neon naked life drawing class (drawing talent optional), or try something more crafty by carving a spoon with Barn the Spoon or a planting a terrarium with the Botanical Boys. You could even brave the January rain by learning Quidditch or mudlarking (it’s pretty much what it sounds like: larking about in mud at the edge of the Thames. It works for some people).

Drink less

If your New Year’s resolution is to drink less, you’ll be in good company as you join the millions of people in the UK giving up alcohol for Dry January and proving that you don’t need to have a drink to have fun. In London there are loads of fun sober activities to try: you can dive into a huge ball pit at Ballie Ballerson, have a sleepover at the Natural History Museum, play board games at Draughts, or even attend an alcohol-free morning rave at Morning Gloryville. For the braver amongst us, cold swimming is said to be a great way to boost the benefits you’ll already be feeling by cutting back on the booze (such as a lift in your mood and better sleep). For those of us wishing that Dry January was over and counting down the days until our next drink, try Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival on 18-19 January; the free-to-attend festival will showcase more than 60 low- and no-alcohol drinks and will include free beer tastings and cocktail masterclasses.

Get out of debt and save money

London is a famously expensive city, but there’s really no excuse to be splashing the cash this January. You can have a gander at free art exhibitions in a hidden warehouse in Nine Elms or check out the spectacular, interactive and free lights show at Canary Wharf. For a tenner you could take a walking tour of Hyde Park or celebrate Wassailing with the Midnight Apothecary. For more ideas, check out our articles on Fantastic Nights Out in London for £10 or Less (Part 1 and Part 2); and don’t forget to open a savings account for all those extra pennies!

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