How to Transfer to the U.S, and E.U Through Ukraine

 How to Transfer to the U.S, and E.U Through Ukraine

Do you know that you can transfer to Universities in USA, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Poland using Double-Degree Program in Ukraine?

So what is a Double-Degree Program?

A double-degree program, sometimes called dual degree, involves a student’s studying in two different universities (sometimes in different countries), and completing them in less time than it would take to earn them separately.

The Benefits Are:

  • Cheap and affordable tuition.
  • Opportunity to get two diplomas in Ukraine and other European countries or USA.
  • Access to sport events, and recreational activities (concerts, galleries, exhibitions) across different European countries.
  • The Program can also make it easier for holders to access jobs and new study opportunities in different parts of Europe

Achieve more than just One Degree!

The programme is an effective tool to solve the dilemma of getting cheap education and guaranteed visa to other European countries through Ukraine.

!!! ACT NOW !!!

Universities in Ukraine, USA, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Poland are waiting for you! To apply. Contact Jakes Embassy Limited on:

08034383061, or visit our office


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