Here is to a yet again another successful program and celebration of a feat well accomplished, with thanks to God, and years of diligent study and hard work we bring to your notice now, Doctor Udeh Chiamaka Victoria, who just completed her Medical Degree from Stavropol State Medical University in Russia earlier this week.


We can hardly contain our joy seeing one of ours in their ecstatic state for a well deserved accomplishment.

As seen from her: https://twitter.com/JakesEmbassy/status/1679510614425649152?s=20

The Program is one of those processed and approved in 2017, and here we are with good news some 5 years later, giving prestige to the time it took, and amazingly she graduated top and best of her class.

This and more is part of the winning and joy we delight in seeing on ours and we are glad that yet again it is a fulfillment and dream come true.

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