Reward Program

Hey Hello,

You’re probably here for our reward participation, oh sure, we made it just for you and likes. 😀

For you to be a Winner, you must be our follower across any three of our Social Handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok)

Steps for Winning include, Liking and sharing of posts, depending on the platforms but minimum of two out the three you follow us in.

Every Like and share accrues a point depending on the position you come in the Liking & Sharing of posts.

Check below for point breakdown

-FIRST: 4 Points

-SECOND: 2 Points

At the End of the week, your points are cumulated and the highest point wins for the Week and the Winner in two consecutive Weeks, becomes our winner for the month. given the opportunity for two winners, we also pick the second runner up the following week.

Once you are sure you have crossed those conditions and we do not reach out in 24 hours, kindly send us a Direct message with screenshot of a liked/shared content of ours and we will respond to you as accordingly.

Also, at intervals we might post Incomplete Recharge Voucher on our Pages, and a hint to uncover the remaining will be given; Uncover and recharge..


1. Notify us of your interest to participate via our Social Handle

2. Must be a follower across three Social Media Handle (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok)

2. Like and Share contents to receive points

3. Highest Cumulative point, in two weeks consecutively becomes our Winner.

4. Recharge Vouchers Might sometimes be Posted on our Wall, crack the Hint to be the Winner.

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