Why Relocate from Nigeria to Canada

As you are aware, Canada is a destination of choice for Africans, especially, Nigerians for the economic opportunities it offers in various sectors it offers typically coveted by graduates from Africa and Nigerian professionals, namely the oil and gas sector, information and communication technology (ICT), health and other science and engineering related fields.

The country also offers many advantages such as political stability, a thriving economy, a highly developed health care system, and an internationally recognized education system.

Some 70,000 Canadians of Nigerian descent currently call Canada home, and this number continues to grow every year. Most Nigerians arrive in Canada as skilled workers under the economic class. As Canada continues to increase its immigration levels year after year, the Nigerian diaspora in Canada is expected to grow even more from its current numbers. If you have qqquestions about the best program to apply for instead of gambling with your application, then I would encourage you to contact us today. Thank you

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