• March 8, 2021

Looking for your First Job out of College? Here are Steps to Follow

 Looking for your First Job out of College? Here are Steps to Follow

Today’s job market is no easy environment. On top of intense competition both from other new graduates and seasoned work veterans across most industries and sectors, economic uncertainty, increasing globalization, and rapidly changing technological innovation that’s revolutionizing the staffing needs of companies means that recent graduates face significant challenges when seeking their first jobs. If you’re fresh out of college or soon will be, consider utilizing the following strategies for locking down your first job and moving forward on your path to professional success.

1. Goal position

Once you have a target field in your sights, focus on a position that you’d like to pursue. You’re more than likely going to have to pay your dues while you learn the industry, so focus on assistant-level or junior-level positions to start. Look at people whose career trajectories mirror your aspirations and see how they started their first jobs in the field. See if your background, education, and experiences have prepared you for realistically pursuing your goal position.

2. Your target field

In order to conduct an effective job hunt you need a clearly target the industry, field, or sector that you’d like to work in. Consider this your starting point the direction you’d like to move towards and where you’d like to devote your professional energy and efforts

3. Preparation

Once you know the position and field you’re aiming for, use the job search tools at your disposal everything from online job sites to resources at your college, professional connections in your network, Research companies in your target industry and see if their official websites have career pages that list available job openings. Then prepare yourself for what will hopefully be a steady stream of potential opportunities.

4. Patience and Determination

A key component of a successful job hunt is patience and determination. Very few of us land a job after just one interview—or even after a few attempts. The truth is, a job hunt is more like a waiting game, with plenty of rejection and disappointment along the way. Don’t let this discourage or deter you in your quest to land your first job out of college—stay focused and determined, learn from what you did right and wrong, and be confident that each attempt will be better than the last as you move closer and closer towards success.


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