Master’s In Business Analytics & Big Data: 8 Career Paths to Explore

 Master’s In Business Analytics & Big Data: 8 Career Paths to Explore

If you want to get your foot in the exciting data science career door, a master’s in business analytics and big data can help get you there. Here are 8 career paths you might want to consider…

1. Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineering is a specialist role still in its infancy. Machine learning engineers collaborate with the organization’s data science team to build programs and create algorithms to deliver data-driven products and services that enable machines to make decisions, take action and enhance user experience without any human interference. An example of this would be self-driving cars and personalized social media news feeds.

  • Average salary: US$110,739

2. Data architect

Data architects use extensive programming tools to design secure data frameworks in order to manage large electronic databases for organizations. This is a highly technical role that involves ensuring the data is relevant, accurate and accessible to the organization so employees can access this information, such as financial records and marketing information, wherever and whenever they need.

You’ll need superior analytical skills, an eye for detail and sophisticated design skills as you fulfil the strategic needs of the organization.

  • Average salary: US$116,710

3. Statistician

Statisticians compile, analyze and evaluate quantitative information from surveys and experiments in order to help organizations reach operational standards and advise on practical solutions to problems. Relevant qualifications and industry experience is essential if you want to work in this field. 

  • Average salary: US$73,054

4. Data analyst

Data analysts are inquisitive, highly analytical and have a way with numbers. Every organization and business collects data, whether it’s sales figures, logistics, market research or transportation costs. As a data analyst it’s your job to gather and evaluate this data in order to provide clear insights as to how the organization can improve its business strategy and make better business decisions across various areas. 

  • Average salary: US$60,208

5. Chief technology officer (CTO)

This executive level position demands an expert-level knowledge of technological trends and how they can be implemented in building business strategies. Chief technology officers are masters of strategic thinking and conducting technological analysis as they look at ways in which they can ensure the organization stands out in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Strong leadership and organizational skills are essential in this role as you lead your team and consider which technologies are best to harness in order to ensure positive user experience and ensure efficiency across all areas of the business.

  • Average salary: US$159,149

6. Project manager

As a project manager you’ll use your data-driven business acumen to plan, budget and oversee your organization’s project/s. You will also need to be organized and possess excellent leadership and critical-thinking skills.

  • Average salary: US$73,901

7. Market research analyst

Market research analysts compile complex reports, spreadsheets, surveys and opinion polls in order to gather and evaluate significant market intelligence that can help an organization market their product or service in the best way possible. Data can include consumer demographics, spending habits and sales trends, needs, interests, and preferences.

Market research analysts need a good working knowledge of statistical software and techniques in order to monitor and forecast the effectiveness of such strategies.

  • Average salary: US$63,120

8. Data scientist

Using algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other statistical tools, data scientists mine complex, raw data from a range of sources and turn into meaningful, transparent information in order for the organization to improve their business strategy and operations.

  • Average salary: US$88,779


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