Some of the Benefits of a U.S. Childbirth

As a Nigerian citizen, giving birth in the United States has many benefits for you, your family and your baby. The benefits to your baby of being born in the united states of America include the following:

• American citizenship and a Social Security number
• Visa-free entry to 169 different countries
• Grants while enrolling in major U.S. educational institutions
• Access to multiple credit resources after age 21
• Voluntary military service (with adequate pay and benefits)

But one thing you may overlook is that there are benefits for you, too. They include:

• Better medical services than what are available in many other countries
• You can escape possibly difficult circumstances in your homeland and experience more peace during your pregnancy, which is beneficial
• You live in an ecologically favorable and clean environment with strong infrastructure
• Excellent care during the childbirth process

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