Why Consider the UK for Your Medical Treatment

Where better to come for your healthcare than the country where much of it was discovered and invented?

The UK leads the world in medical research, taking place at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the top London hospitals, and has done for centuries. It was here that Penicillin was first discovered by Alexander Flemming, and the mysteries of DNA were unravelled by Crick and Watson. The UK also pioneered fertility treatment, with the first ‘test tube baby’ Louise Brown born in 1978. The UK has been at the forefront of all these fields and more, and continues to deliver new discoveries and advancements in medicine and surgical practice every year.

The UK’s private hospitals are among the very best in the world. Institutions such as The London Clinic, which recently treated the Queen’s husband Prince Phillip, and the many specialist practices of London’s Harley Street, genuinely lead the world in their respective fields. Historic hospital institutions such as St Barts and St Thomas’s, as well as leading children’s hospital Great Ormond Street, are in a class of their own when it comes to both quality of treatment and standards of service.

Britain’s private hospitals are clean and efficient, with high numbers of friendly attentive staff who are used to dealing with overseas guests. Indeed Kings, Prime Ministers and leaders from around the world come to the UK for medical treatment because the standards are so high. The UK may not be the cheapest option in international healthcare, but it is certainly one of the very best.

Travelling to the UK for medical treatment also gives you the opportunity to visit this fascinating country, with all that it has to offer. Before you treatment you can tour the sights, take in the history and shop till you drop. Then to recover afterwards, you can head for the fresh sea air of the coast, or indulge yourself at one of the hundreds of top class country house hotels, living the life once enjoyed by Dukes and Earls. The UK countryside is a great place to relax and recover from your treatment amid miles of rolling hills, fields and ancient woodlands.

For Americans, one of the major advantages of travelling to the UK for healthcare is the language, although most top private clinics will have bilingual staff that will also speak French and other languages. With Britain becoming ever more homogenised with American culture, US visitors will feel very much at home in Britain, while still experiencing plenty that is new and different.

In short, the UK offers facilities that are not just world-class but world-leading, backed by some of the best trained doctors and surgeons in the world, along with an exciting choice of locations and activities to complete your trip, making it the perfect place for your healthcare tourism.


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