• March 8, 2021

Requirements for Getting Your F1 Visa Approved

 Requirements for Getting Your F1 Visa Approved

An F1 visa is what most international students who study at a college or university obtain when they come to the United States. Getting an F1 visa can be a stressful process especially since having this request denied means you can’t study in the US. Below are the steps you need to take during the process of getting your F1 visa approved:

1. Foreign Residence

The first requirement that you will need to meet is confirm that you have foreign residence. You might be wondering how you can prove that you do have ties in your home country, here are just a few ways:

  • Job offer letter
  • Proof of assets
  • Bank account information
  • Family

2. Proof of Ties

This means let them know why you want to become to an international student and exactly what you will do once you return to your home country. Although graduation is years away and it might be difficult to nail down exactly what you want to do once you have your degree you must have an answer to this question which means you need to make the decision as early as possible.

3. Eligible Sponsoring Institution

Before you’re issued your F1 visa, you must be given an I-20 by your host school. This might seem like a simple task, but an I-20 can’t be issued by every school it must be an eligible institution. If you’re not able to find your school on the list of eligible schools you can contact your school for confirmation on if they are approved to issue an I-20.

4. Financial Support

Being able to show that you have financial support for your entire educational inside the US is difficult for many international students. Turning to international student loans are sometimes a must when there isn’t another source of funding. While loans are good to fill the remaining gaps they can still sometimes be difficult to use as proof of funds. This can be a tough situation since you must be enrolled in a school in order to finalize the loan, but you must often show proof of funds to receive your I-20.


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