The Different Ways to Obtain Second Citizenship

Even as you may be aware, there are several ways to Obtain Citizenship of a country, and if you are not, still follow on to learn and to know more about this provision. Few of the ways of Obtaining Citizenship is in the following:

By Origin: A foreigner may obtain a passport in several nations under the so-called “blood law” if he can prove his familial ties to a citizen there. For instance, if at least one of your parents is a citizen of Spain, you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

Returning to the former home country is required to get citizenship by repatriation. For instance, Romanian individuals can regain their citizenship in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus if their blood relatives—parents or grandparents—were born there between 1918 and 1940.

In Poland and Bulgaria, there are streamlined procedures for getting a second citizenship by repatriation. In a year, you can obtain a passport from these nations. The German repatriation program will require more than two years of participation.

Additional Tip: Though inexpensive, repatriation is not the quickest way to obtain a second citizenship. In Bulgaria, it will cost €3,000, and in Romania, €2,500, to become a repatriate. Living there and speaking the language are not prerequisites.

Marriage: After getting married to a national of the country, you can obtain a passport. Depending on the state where the marriage is registered, the length will vary.
For instance, you must have been officially cohabitating for at least two years in Italy, one year in Spain, and six years in Switzerland.

Argentina offers the simplest process for obtaining citizenship through marriage. After the wedding, you can apply for a passport that exact same day. It’s interesting to note that marriage in Sweden is not formally registered, but for two years, immigration agents will visit common-law partners to do checks.

If the marriage is genuine, it is possible to get a second citizenship as a result. In order to prevent issuing passports to people who participate into fraudulent marriages, countries are implementing additional inspections.

Additional Tip: The K-1 bride or groom visa is a nonimmigrant visa used to marry a US citizen.
After arriving in the country, the marriage is registered within 90 days

By Naturalization: For/in order to get a second citizenship by naturalization, you will need to officially live in the country. The duration and minimum period depends on the legislation of the state.

For instance, here are some of the where’s and what’s  of the fastest way to get a passport by naturalization
Argentina – 2 years

USA – 3-5 years
Brazil – 4 years
Russia – 5 years
Sweden – 5 years
Portugal – 5 years
Canada – 6 years
Norway – 7 years
Denmark – 7 years
Germany – 8 years
Switzerland – 10 years

Additional Tip: The Citizenship by Naturalization works in a certain order, certain provisions or processes are involved for an individual to successfully attain that status.

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