Top 9 Courses That Offer Lucrative Jobs In Australia

1- Computer Science & Information Technology (IT)

As companies are moving into the digitized world, they are constantly adapting to the IT job market, and therefore doing whatever they can to attract top tech talent. This includes offering very attractive career opportunities paired with great salaries. So studying courses in IT in Australia will get you into Jobs like:

✓ Database administrator, Systems administrator, or ICT security
✓ Software or applications programmer
✓ ICT support technician
✓ ICT support or Test engineers
✓ ICT manager
✓ Web design
✓ Cybersecurity

2- Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies

Courses in Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies will cover both the theory and practice of breeding, growing, gathering, reproducing, and caring for plants and animals. These courses in Australia will help you develop an understanding of the management and use of natural resources, and the production of primary agricultural products. So studying courses in Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies in Australia will get you into Jobs like:

✓ Animal production, selection, and management
✓ Crop production
✓ Wine production
✓ Environmental impact and assessment
✓ Natural resource management
✓ Soil and water conservation

 3- Education 

Education courses in Australia include the theories, methods, and techniques of transferring knowledge and skills to others. So studying courses in Education in Australia will get you into fields like:

✓ Processes of learning and skill acquisition
✓Curriculum development
✓Teaching methods for the various aged group
✓Teaching for people with disability

4- Management and Commerce

Business Administration and Management Courses, as well as other related fields like Commerce, are very advanced in Australia.  Courses will help you develop an understanding of the theory and practice of decision making and policy formation, organizational development, planning, analyzing, management, financing, marketing in the provision of goods and services.

So studying courses in Business Administration and Management Australia will get you into fields like:

✓ Management and administration
✓ Accounting and Finance
✓Human and material resources management
✓ Project management
✓ Commercial law
✓ Auditing and legal compliance
✓ International business
✓ Sales and marketing
✓ Logistics and distribution management
✓ Human behavior and time management
✓ Business Analytics

5- Health

In Australia, healthcare is a booming sector. Therefore, jobs in the healthcare field are expected to grow significantly by 2024, and as such, the industry is projected to employ more than 1.9 million Australians by 2024.

An advanced career in the healthcare field will require an advanced certificate or diploma with on-the-job training. However, there are many short courses available for other healthcare jobs, like nursing for example.

So studying courses in healthcare in Australia will get you into Jobs like:

✓ Nursing assistant
✓ Naturopath
✓ Dental assistant
✓ Dental hygienist
✓ Massage therapist
✓ Medical receptionist

6- Creative Arts 

Undergraduate and postgraduate level programs are available for Creative Arts at several Australian universities, schools, and colleges. Some of the majors in the creative arts field:

✓ Acting
✓ Animation
✓ Advertising
✓ Costume design
✓ Fashion design
✓ Graphic design
✓ Performing arts
✓ Visual arts
✓ Interactive media

7- Food, Hospitality and Personal Services

Food, Hospitality, and Personal Services are all about providing hospitality services, grooming and beautification, and other personal services. Courses to study in this field include:

✓ Housekeeping
✓ Hotel and other hospitality management
✓ Preparation, display, and service of food and beverages such as bakery, patisserie, cookery
✓ General beauty care 

8- Architecture and Building

Australian universities offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Architecture and Building. Professional architects are in high demand in Australia and, up to their qualifications, can earn from 58k to 88k on a yearly basis. This field of study includes:

✓ Aesthetics and space dynamics
✓ Building economics
✓ Lighting
✓ Building techniques and technologies
✓ Construction management
✓ Architectural design and drawing
✓ Urban design / Town planning
✓ Energy conservation and sustainability

9- Engineering and Related Technologies

Always in high demand across the world, engineering is one of the best-paid professions.  If you want to study Engineering and Related Technologies in Australia, know that prerequisites are different according to the institution. However, the student is expected to have a background in math and physics.

✓Electrical Engineering
✓Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
✓Electronics & Communication
✓Chemical Engineering

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