Study in Moscow: 4 Reasons to Get Your Degree in This City

 Study in Moscow: 4 Reasons to Get Your Degree in This City

During any season, at any hour of the day, Moscow thrills visitors with its artistry, history and majesty. The same qualities that make Russia’s iconic capital city an amazing place to visit also make it an extraordinary international study destination.

Below are reasons to get your degree in Moscow.

1. It’s hub of everything from education to entrepreneurism

Moscow plays host to many of Russia’s top universities, and many have predicted its status as an up-and-coming international education hub. This is consistent with a general trend in Russia in which its universities are rising in status in global assessments. Indeed, universities in Moscow and throughout Russia have their eye on international students, and are taking action to continue to grow.

Moscow’s strength in business studies is garnering special attention. Not only has the city been pegged as an up-and-coming international business education hub, but its climate is also ripe for startup success.

2. It offers a blend of the old world and the cutting edge

A rich history and forward-facing attitude make Moscow an intriguing study in contrasts that is at once remarkably cosmopolitan yet steeped in an old-world charm. Cities like Moscow are home to active social scenes which have been compared to those of New York. And the country’s history is inextricably interwoven into everything. How many countries after all, can lay claim to both the world’s oldest mountains and deepest lake?, amazing architecture, diverse museums and galleries, a strong theatrical tradition, extraordinary cuisine and vibrant nightlife are just a few of the exciting old and new things you’ll find in Moscow.

3. There’s a remarkable amount to see and do

International studies aren’t undertaken in a vacuum. Rather, they happen against the backdrop of their host universities, cities and countries. When it comes to opportunities for discovering new things to see and do, there’s no better place than Moscow.

From multiple locations for taking in the city’s breathtaking views to its historic city center and magnificent promenade, there’s an abundance of things to take in. Venture outside the city limits and you’ll find everything from one of the country’s oldest towns to tranquil nature hotels and spas. When it comes to accessing all of Moscow’s offerings, an efficient and expansive metro system makes it much easier to get around.

4. It’s more affordable than many of its western neighbors

Moscow has become much more affordable in recent years. Compare it to major international study destinations like New York, Sydney, London, and Paris, and it’s comparatively a steal.


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