Studying in the Czech Republic: Popular Degrees, Accomodation and Benefits

 Studying in the Czech Republic: Popular Degrees, Accomodation and Benefits

Formerly a Soviet state composing half of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic gained independent recognition in 1993. It is a fairly small nation, with a population of just over 10 million people. There are a few large cities in the Czech Republic, while the rest of the landscape is marked by serene rivers and low-lying mountain ranges.

Prague is the most popular city where you can earn a degree abroad in the Czech Republic. The nation’s capital is home to almost a quarter of the Czech population and has a reputation as one of the most livable cities in all of Europe. A rebellious, upbeat spirit underlies life in Prague, where you can tour medieval castles and 19th century concert halls on the same day as venturing out into the world famous nightlife.

While a good number of the country’s most prestigious universities are also located in Prague, other major cities with good schools where you can earn a degree abroad in the Czech Republic include Brno, Ostrava, and Plzen. There are more than 70 universities located across the Czech Republic, and every year around 40,000 international students enroll in the higher education system.

Most Popular Degrees to Study in the Czech Republic

You can enroll locally at both public and private universities, though the Czech Republic’s public universities generally are more prestigious and affordable than private ones. Some of the most popularly pursued degrees abroad in the Czech Republic include those in CommunicationsInternational RelationsEconomicsArt History, and Literature. However, by enrolling at a full university you will have the opportunity to pursue any degree that is offered.

A major limiting factor of what academic opportunity is available in the Czech Republic will be how fluent you are in the language. While some degree abroad programs in the Czech Republic are offered in English, most national universities utilize Czech as the medium of education. If you know you want to pursue a degree abroad in the Czech Republic, now is the time to start brushing up on the language!

Most deadlines for pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the Czech Republic occur in February or March in advance of the upcoming school year. You may also be required to take an entrance examination upon admittance into a Czech University. The academic year is in line with most other Western countries, with semesters generally running from August/September through December and January through May/June.

Scholarships & Costs Available in the Czech Republic

A public university education in the Czech Republic is free for students of all nations. Additional fees may apply, however, if you are going through an English speaking degree abroad program. You will also have to pay for books and general living expenses.

Accommodation & Visas

Dormitories are the most popular form of accommodation for international students pursuing a degree abroad in the Czech Republic. You may also want to move off campus at some point during your tenure, in which case it will be most affordable to live with roommates. As the country is still gaining ground economically, renting an apartment in the Czech Republic is generally less expensive than in other major European countries.

Students coming from within the European Union do not need a visa to earn a degree abroad in the Czech Republic, while those coming from other countries will need to apply for a student visa.

Benefits of Studying in the Czech Republic

Admittedly, Czech is not a popularly spoken international language. However by studying in the country full time and becoming fluent, you will be setting yourself up for ample future employment opportunities in the Czech Republic.

Anchored in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is the prototypical Central European country. Smack between Eastern and Western Europe, you will get a taste of the best of both worlds while earning your degree abroad here.

The Czech Republic has also seen countless regime changes throughout its long and complex past, yet has always held onto a distinct cultural identity. Earning a degree abroad in the Czech Republic will expose you to the fascinating story of this country’s development.


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