• March 6, 2021

The Different Types of Tourism

 The Different Types of Tourism

Through tourism and travelling, one can see the world and experience a lot of new things; including, culture, people, social habits, and traditions, etc.

However there are different types of tourism that will be tackled in the next few lines:

1- Cultural Tourism

The purpose of this kind of tourism is to know the history and the culture of a certain place. Tourists focus on indulging in the festivals, the ceremonies, and the social gatherings to gain more information and to understand the people, their beliefs, and their practices.

2- Ecotourism / Nature Tourism

Through this type of tourism, people tend to enjoy the wildlife and being involved in the breath-taking natural view. They just want to enjoy the natural view of the place. Visitors enjoy practicing meditation and watching the birds. This kind of tourism depends only on the beauty of the environment.

3- Pleasure Tourism

This kind of tourism enables tourists to only relax. It includes yoga activities, and detox vacations. This type of tourism can also categorized as  “Sports Tourism” as people tend to do skiing, sand boarding, diving, parachuting, and so on.

4- Religious Tourism

Tourists go to the religious places to follow the steps of the religious figures and to attend the religious ceremonies.

5- Medical Tourism

Nowadays, this type of tourism became a popular one. Many people travel as they seek a better medical treatment that is not provided in their home country even being expensive. Also, sometimes patients need to stay in a healthier climate.

6- Adventure Tourism

This kind of tourism is an extraordinary one, the tourist here tends to do a risky challenging activities like; rock climbing, and mountain climbing.

7- Business Tourism

There is another different type of tourism which is for business and shopping, people travel to attend conferences, and trade shows. Moreover, there are travelers who make this kind of trip to promote their products also.


Traveling is one of the most important things from which people can know more and more. Besides, it is vital to know and choose the type tourism that you need before traveling.

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