How to Avoid a UK Visit Visa Refusal as a Nigeria


We have helped a significant number of Nigerians who initially received a UK visit visa refusal decision to overturn that outcome. The reasons for refusal can vary widely and many applicants from Africa are left feeling that the decision is unfair.

With the only options after a UK visit visa refusal being to file an application for judicial review, which is costly and time-consuming, or to submit a new application, the process of visiting the UK can end up being very costly and frustrating for some. We see many individuals who have applied a number of times before deciding to seek professional advice.

The regulations governing the entry of visitors to the UK are set out in Appendix V of the Immigration Rules. A visitor is defined as “a person who is coming to the UK, usually for up to six months, for a temporary purpose, for example as a tourist or to carry out a business activity”.

Whilst not everyone who visits the UK requires a visit visa, those who are not exempt from obtaining a visa, known as ‘visa nationals’, must satisfy the decision maker that they meet the eligibility requirements. As there is no set list of specific documents which an individual must include in their application, it is possible that any decision made is subjective and reflects the opinion of the decision maker, as opposed to the law.

In our subsequent post, we will be outlining all the necessary steps to be taken to avoid getting a refusal, but ig you have urgent need or questions about your previous application, do not hesitate to contact us on +234 808 3739 204, or +44 077 7003582

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