The Average Salary of Health Care Workers in the United Kingdom

A healthcare career gives you the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. Almost 2 million people work in the UK healthcare sector, including NHS jobs and working in private medical care. A variety of skills and qualifications can help a career in healthcare, so you can find a speciality healthcare job or general medical job to suit your skills.

The healthcare industry has many career path choices so you will find a variety of roles in this sector. With everything from nurse practitioner jobs and doctor placements to hospital manager roles and speciality areas in psychiatry and surgical medicine, a healthcare job has a lot to offer.

The average healthcare salary will vary depending on the type of role you take and the job qualifications. A nurse practitioner with some experience can expect a salary of around £45,400 while a general practitioner doctor can expect to earn over £175,800. 

Administration and other roles will have a salary based on your responsibilities and experience within the field. The average salary for an experienced hospital manager can be around £48,000.

What to expect from a career in Healthcare

A healthcare career takes many forms, and you may find yourself working in a hospital, providing home care, or working in a laboratory. You will need the relevant qualifications for your chosen area, and you can find a whole range of healthcare graduate jobs. You will be working with many different people and may work in one place or travel as part of your job.

A career in healthcare can be demanding and may include working long and unsociable hours. The rewarding nature of the job and the fact that you are making a valuable difference more than compensate.

In summary,

the average Healthcare salary is £33,633.
Working in Healthcare you can earn between £19,989 and £62,996, while the starting salary for junior Healthcare jobs is £19,989 and the pay per hour is about £11,50.

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