The Most In Demand Jobs for Skilled Migration To Australia

Are your skills in high demand in Australia?

Check below to see jobs that are most needed in Australia in 2023 and With the coronavirus pandemic ending, and Australia looking to get its economy back on track, this is the best opportunity for improving your job chances and moving to Australia in years.

Australia is currently experiencing a national skills shortage in a number of occupations. The government plan to fill this gap with a combination of training local Australians and recruiting immigrants.

The Skilled Migration Programme lists jobs in Australia for foreigners and has largely been on hold since March 2020. It is now, however, being given a reboot as Australia looks to fill numerous vacancies. The current annual migration intake of 160,000 is expected to be increased to at least 180,000 and maybe as many as 200,000 in 2023.

So if your dream of starting a new life down under has been on hold now is the time to revive it and see when job opportunities are available in Australia.

We have compiled an updated list of the top 50 jobs most in demand for migrants in Australia for 2023, based on the previously released Occupation Ceilings for the Skilled Migration Shortage List. Whilst this has not been updated recently, it still gives a very good indication of the work opportunities available. We also highlight the top 10 critical skills shortages as just released by the Australian government. They reveal the areas with the greatest job opportunities in the immediate future.

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